Hyundai Canada strives to engineer vehicles that are modern, efficient, affordable, stylish and, most of all, safe. With a series of advanced safety upgrades to their 2021 vehicle lineup, Hyundai has incorporated a suite of useful technologies that act as an extra set of eyes, ears and reflexes for Hyundai drivers across Alberta. Using intelligent radar and sonar technology that can register over 100 pieces of information each second, Hyundai’s lineup of cars, SUVs and crossovers are smarter, and safer, than ever before.

True to their mission of making intuitive tech and advanced safety accessible for all drivers, Hyundai is the only manufacturer in the industry to pack virtually all of their technology features into every vehicle in the lineup, including base models. While rival brands force you to pay big bucks for their full suite of features, Hyundai considers your safety as standard -- and equips each vehicle in the lineup accordingly.

Blind Spot Detection and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

Keep your eyes confidently on the road ahead knowing that you are protected from all angles. Hyundai’s available Blind Spot Detection is an advanced safety system that helps to detect vehicles in the driver’s blind spot. In reverse, the built-in Rear Cross-Traffic Alert warns you of other vehicles that are approaching from the side. Available across the full Hyundai lineup, the Blind Spot Detection and Rear Traffic Alert system ensures that you never have to worry about anything except the road ahead.

Autonomous Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection

Using a forward camera and radar sensors, your Hyundai can quickly detect rapidly-closing speeds between you and other vehicles or pedestrians in your path. If grounds for a potential collision are detected, the Autonomous Emergency Braking system will launch audible and visual signals to the driver. If the driver fails to respond to avoid the impact, this system will automatically deploy full braking assistance at speeds under 60-80 km/hr to help avoid an accident. Your Hyundai is constantly on the lookout thanks to its Autonomous Emergency Braking system!

Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop-and-Go

In order to maintain a safe distance from vehicles in front of you, Hyundai’s Adaptive Cruise Control technology automatically and continuously adjusts your driving speeds. This feature can also bring your vehicle to a complete stop and automatically accelerate again without driver input -- now that’s one helpful car! Available across the 2021 lineup, Adaptive Cruise Control remembers your driving habits behind the wheel, and adjusts them as necessary for a safer, smoother ride -- all that’s left for you to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

Lane Departure Warning System with Lane Keep Assist

If your vehicle drifts outside of its lane without signalling while driving at speeds of 70 km/hr or greater, the Lane Departure Warning System will issue audio and visual signals. Lane Keep Assist will provide steering assistance to maintain your place within the outlined driving lanes should your vehicle continue to approach a breach in the lane. Your Hyundai’s Lane Departure Warning System with Lane Keep Assist keeps you safely within your lane, protecting both you and other drivers on the road.

Driver Attention Warning System

There are plenty of factors that can cause distracted driving: a long day at work, too many hours on the road, noisy kids in the backseat -- life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows! Even on your worst days, Hyundai has got your back with its exclusive Driver Attention Warning System. This intelligent system takes multiple cues from your driving, and makes the executive decision to give you an audio and visual warning if it thinks your driving might be impaired. Sometimes that gentle reminder is all you need to pull over, grab a cup of joe, or even take a powernap -- all things that could end up saving lives. This feature is unique to the Hyundai lineup of vehicles.

Sneak Peek: Hyundai Tech for the New Decade

Hyundai has been busy developing cutting-edge technology and safety features that competitors like Toyota, Ford, Nissan and even Honda aren’t equipped with. Some of these systems are already available on 2021 Hyundai models like Sonata and Santa Fe, and will continue to roll out across the lineup in the coming years. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the coolest new Hyundai tech:

rear occupant alert system

Rear Occupant Alert System

This groundbreaking system can detect if you place something in the backseat of your vehicle when you get in, but don’t take it out once you’ve exited the vehicle -- and it will let you know with alerts and alarms. The Rear Occupant Alert system may save hundreds of lives when it comes to pets, and even children, accidentally being left in the backseat of cars.

Integrated Driver Memory System

Integrated Driver Memory System

Your Hyundai can remember personalized profile settings for up to three drivers, and automatically adjust the seat, stereo, mirror positions, Head-Up Display settings and even your preferred cabin temperature as soon as it recognizes that you’ve started the vehicle.

Remote Smart Parking Assist

Remote Smart Parking Assist

A segment first! This driver-assist technology allows you to remotely move your vehicle when you’re outside the vehicle -- particularly helpful in tight parking spaces. Simply use the keyfob to move your vehicle (currently available on Sonata) forwards and backwards while you stand outside with the push of a button!

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