What Does Hyundai’s Impressive Warranty Mean for You?

By: Integrity Hyundai   |   16 Sep 2019

Life is full of big decisions, and purchasing a new vehicle is most certainly one of them! Once you’ve decided on the perfect ride, you want nothing more than to enjoy it: take your durable Santa Fe on a rugged road trip, or cruise around Lethbridge with the windows down in your sporty new Elantra! At Integrity Hyundai we love seeing you drive away happy, but we also know that even the best-made vehicles will inevitably suffer from wear and tear. Maintaining your vehicle is a reality of car ownership, but that reality doesn’t have to leave your bank account empty.

Hyundai is Here to Invest in Your Biggest Investments

Investing in a vehicle is a big deal, and that’s why Hyundai is determined to be a leader in protecting your big investments. Not only does Hyundai makes some of the most reliable cars on the road, but Hyundai also stands out for having one of the best warranty packages in the car industry. From top-to-bottom, Hyundai has got you covered with multiple warranty options:

• Hyundai’s New Vehicle Comprehensive Warranty ensures the replacement and repair of virtually every component originally installed by Hyundai that becomes defective with normal use and maintenance. Basically - you and your vehicle are covered, from hood to trunk!

• Powertrain components are the heart and soul of your vehicle, and Hyundai’s Powertrain Protection covers essentials like engine, transmission, and 4WD parts.

• While you do your part for the environment, Hyundai is doing its part to protect the parts in your car that run the show for emissions control, like the Catalytic Converter, Engine Control Module, and Onboard Emissions Diagnostic Device.

• Wind, rain, salt, and rocks can all contribute to body-damage over time; that’s why the Anti-Perforation Warranty is available to cover perforation and corrosion through the metal body on any component.

• Hyundai’s impressive coverage programs don’t just stop at original parts; replacement parts and accessories installed by Hyundai are also covered with our Replacement Parts and Accessories plans.

• Our Roadside Assistance Program lets you take on the open road with confidence, knowing that we will be there 24/7 for anything you need, including towing, lockout, tire change, and battery boost - to name just a few!

Not buying new? No problem! All Hyundai certified pre-owned vehicles come with an additional 12-month/20,000km full Hyundai Comprehensive Warranty, not to mention a lengthy list of unique buying benefits. So no matter what your buying needs, we’ve got you covered.

Better Than the Rest

With all of it’s warranty options, Hyundai edges out the market significantly with the length of its coverage programs. Other brands like Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda, and Chevrolet only offer coverage for 3-years/60,000km under their New Vehicle Warranties, and the same 3-year coverage for their roadside assistance programs. In comparison, Hyundai offers 5-year/100,000km coverage on all of it’s warranty options across the board. That means that with Hyundai, you are getting better protection and better value when you spend your hard-earned money on our vehicles. We are committed to helping ensure that your big investment won’t lead to more investments after just a few years.

Come visit us at Integrity Hyundai and find out more about our outstanding selection of vehicles, and how our impressive warranties will help you enjoy your new vehicle, worry-free, for years to come!

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