How the 2019 Kona is Better Than Ever: What the Public has to Say in Review

By: Integrity Hyundai   |   10 Jun 2019
Two college students in Lethbridge walk away from a blue Kona

Kona Dominates Headlines Everywhere

Do you want a vehicle that’s truly exciting? Hyundai’s latest sub-compact SUV is blowing up all over Alberta (and the rest of Canada, too) offering a totally new breed of vehicle that’s suited perfectly to life in Lethbridge, Medicine Hat, Cranbrook or anywhere else on the map, for that matter. Kona and its gas-free sibling, Kona Electric, are taking the world by storm, redefining what we want from our cars.

What Makes Kona So Special

If you’re new to the Kona convo, you may be wondering why all the fuss over a crossover in a country packed with crossovers. For starters, Kona has gone in its own direction, blending the comforts of a sedan with the clearance and terrain capabilities of an SUV. The outcome is something totally unique with an exterior design that turns heads everywhere it goes. Talking to its design, declares:

“Hyundai has managed to implant itself in a hugely popular segment because it delivers a quality product, and a trim line that appeals to many different customers. What’s more, the higher ground clearance and all-wheel drive increase the Kona’s versatility, a big plus in comparison with many cars.”

an orange 2019 Kona angled to the right

But it’s not just the structure of the Kona that’s impressive -- top-of-the-line technology like Hyundai SmartSense safety systems and the Bluelink infotainment centre are what completes the Kona experience. Also available are useful features like Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Head-Up Display and a wireless charging pad, giving you a driving encounter that truly feels from the future.

A wide shot of the Kona's interior with bright yellow embellishments

In terms of sustainability and greener power, Kona Electric is even more exciting. This totally-electric vehicle gets all of its power from an outlet -- even one in your garage. Travel up to 415 km on a single charge (which takes just over 9 hours with household power and under one hour at a fast charge station).

How does that translate for commuters around Lethbridge or families looking to reduce their ecological footprint? After reviewing the vehicle for a whole week, Jock McCleary of Brampton Guardian states, “I was determined that I would make this a real-life experiment using the 110-volt charger throughout my test and would only resort to using a level two charger if absolutely necessary – thankfully this didn’t happen… The Kona proved to me that an electric vehicle with a range like this is a real alternative to a gasoline-powered vehicle, even without a 240-volt charger.”

A light teal Kona Electric charges at a charge station

Experience Kona for Yourself

You’ve heard it from us, you’ve heard it from news outlets all over the country -- it’s time to measure up the Kona in-person. At Integrity Hyundai, our team will walk you through each ground-breaking feature of the 2019 Kona and Kona Electric -- plus, we’ll get you out on the road so you feel the Kona advantage with your own two hands. Whether you’re looking for a fun and affordable car to whip around Lethbridge in or you’re investing in your family’s future, there’s a Kona model for you -- just come by and see!

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