Is the Santa Fe Sport Right for Dad?

By: Integrity Hyundai   |   07 Jun 2018

Choosing a vehicle that ticks all the boxes on the family checklist is hard. Making sure it’s also up to the task of doing double duty as the Dad mobile can make the mission feel closer to impossible. Enter the Hyundai Santa Fe Sport. It does what you think it needs to do well, but there are things it does even better that you may not have even considered.



The storage capacity of a car may not be what other companies are starting off with, but that’s only because they don’t have as much of it. Storage is important to our drivers, so that makes it important to us. With 99 Litres more storage capacity than the Ford Escape and 111 Litres more than the Dodge Journey, storage is something the Santa Fe Sport has covered. What will also be covered is Dad’s golf equipment with 51 Litres of storage under the cargo floor to hide all his toys. Happy father’s day indeed!


A lot of people want a car that can get the groceries, but it’s nice to know the car can hug the corners on the way home to make sure none of those eggs break. Don’t sweat the potholes either, because you'll see them coming. With the Active Cornering System available on the Santa Fe Sport the headlights shift to illuminate where you’re driving not just what you’re driving around. Couple that with the optional 2.0L turbocharged engine and it may surprise you how many volunteers there are for an evening milk run.


It’s important because we all use it. The Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport both have lots with more leg room, hip room and shoulder room than both the Dodge Journey and Ford Escape. But what’s quantity without quality. The front seats of the Santa Fe Sport are also more adjustable than the Journey or Escape, not to mention heated. Who says a fun drive can’t be a comfortable one?

And there’s more?

Oh yeah, there’s more. You want an 8-inch touch screen with navigation to help you find a gas station… or a golf course? Just say the word. Feeling the urge to have the sun on your skin and wind in your hair? There’s a panoramic sunroof option for that. Worried about the dirt that Dad has on his jeans after a day in the garden? Well, there’s no need to. With the Yes, Essential Cloth Protection the interior of the Santa Fe comes soil-resistant and odour-resistant. Both may be just what the doctor ordered for the Dad in your life.


There are a lot of features that come standard on the Santa Fe Sport such as blind spot warning, rear park assist, collision warning and lane departure warning. ‘Standard’ is a word that doesn’t do the Santa Fe justice.

Swapping the family wagon over for something that will have the Dad in your life feeling like every day is father’s day when he’s behind the wheel is a big decision for any family. With that being said, it's certainly worth considering with 0% financing for 84 months and $6,000 in total cash adjustments available when upgrading from the Santa Fe to the Santa Fe Sport. Seeing, or driving in this case, is believing.

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