2021 Hyundai Nexo


Nexo Brings Futuristic Hydrogen Technology to the Market

The 2021 Hyundai Nexo is one of the world’s only hydrogen-powered fuel-cell SUVs, and offers a unique option for Lethbridge drivers. The Nexo’s fuel cell uses unique technology that converts hydrogen into electricity in order to power an electric motor. What you get is a confident 161-horsepower powertrain pushing you along Alberta’s highways, hundreds of KMs of driving time before needing to fill up the tank and a full recharge of the lithium-ion battery in under 10 minutes. The future of mobility is here!


Eco & Commute-Friendly Fuel Consumption

Hyundai introduced the 2021 Nexo as a future-friendly travel solution that can help drivers save big at the pumps - and help reduce our CO2 emissions, too. The Nexo Blue trimline, for example, only sips about 3-litres of gas for every 100 kilometres of driving time - significantly less than the country’s leading hybrid vehicles. To sweeten the pot, Hyundai will throw in a $13,000 bonus when you purchase a Nexo, which means you can travel for free for up to 3 years! The only byproduct of this cool crossover is water, ejected as vapour from the exhaust system. Top it all off with Nexo’s gorgeous aerodynamic body, whisper-quiet engine and lightweight frame, and you’ll feel like you’re virtually flying down Highway 3.

“The Nexo's techy-looking interior may seem daunting, but once you interact with it, you'll realize it's just as easy to use as in every other Hyundai vehicle. Even the automatic parking system is easy to use; press the remote parking button on the center stack, get out, press and hold a button on the key fob, and the car parks itself.”

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Nexo Delivers Next-Level Tech

The cabin of the 2021 Hyundai Nexo might look like the bridge of a starship, but don’t let it fool you - its impressive suite of technology is just as intuitive as any other Hyundai in the lineup! Everything from the infotainment centre to your driving controls feels user friendly once you’re behind the wheel, and Nexo’s technology features include Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Hyundai Blue Link smartphone app, a wireless charging pad, USB charging ports, built-in navigation and Hyundai’s new remote parking capabilities (which is currently only available on the 2021 Sonata and 2021 Santa Fe). Thanks to standard Hyundai SmartSense, all of Hyundai’s most advanced driver-assist safety features can be found in the 2021 Nexo, including adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, front and rear auto emergency braking, advanced blind-spot monitoring and so much more.


Swoon-Worthy Interior Features

This 5-passenger crossover delivers a similar amount of space as the popular Hyundai Tucson, including ample head and legroom, and a generous 30 cubic feet of cargo space behind the back seats. With the rear seats folded flat, cargo space increases to 57 cubic feet - more than enough for suitcases, your gym bag or even a stroller. An attractive digital instrument panel displays important driving information squarely in your field of view, and a 12.3” touchscreen monitor adds a vibrant (and functional!) touch to Nexo’s sleek dashboard. Heated seats and steering wheel, power-adjustable seats, thoughtful storage solutions and a remarkably quiet interior cabin all add to the 2021 Nexo’s feeling of luxury, modernity and class.

Ask Us About the Innovative Hyundai Nexo

The 2021 Hyundai Nexo is one of the coolest new crossovers on the road, and we know that many of our customers are eager to learn more about this modern and tech-focused ride. Reach out to our team with your questions about the Hyundai Nexo, plus the other innovative hybrid and electric vehicles that we carry here at Lethbridge Hyundai!


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